Best Place For WI-FI Router To Get Fast Internet Speed

Best Place For WI-FI Router To Get Fast Internet Speed

You may have seen that the speed of Wi-Fi web at home is at times quick and at times extremely moderate. Notwithstanding utilizing the other gadget's Wi-Fi organization, this is likewise because of the Wi-Fi switch not being in the perfect spot.

Jason Cole is a Ph.D. understudy at Imperial College London. Jason utilizes math to sort out the best spot to have a switch.

Jason illuminated the Helmholtz condition for this, this condition is utilized for planning the electromagnetic field. Our switches likewise discharge electromagnets.

As indicated by Jason, setting the Internet switch in an imperceptible spot likewise influences the speed of the Internet.

Jason likewise gave a few hints on the most proficient method to keep the switch in the opportune spot to improve web speed.

Here are a few hints to assist you with getting the best out of Jason, as indicated by Jason.

Keep the switch in the middle

We attempt to put the switch in a side of the house so the wiring issue can be understood without any problem. Keep the switch in the middle, as per Jason. In the event that conceivable, keep the switch out of your sight.

Abstain from putting metal items around the switch. Metal items scatter and disperse electromagnetic waves. So don't keep the switch in the kitchen by any stretch of the imagination.

Cement and dividers are likewise adversaries

Cement and dividers retain electromagnets. As per Jason, space close to the floor or roof is preferable for sending signals over dividers.

Try not to put the switch with microwaves

In the event that the switch is set with a microwave and you're somewhat hot, the Wi-Fi sign will vanish in a moment.

This is on the grounds that microwaves utilize similar recurrence as switches. Microwaves, regardless of whether they don't totally dispose of the sign of the switch, actually disperse to a huge degree.

Keep the switch high

The radio waves discharged from the switch go down from their outflow point. Putting the switch on a high spot will accelerate the web.

Spot the recieving wire on top

Spot the switch's recieving wire on top for better web access. On the off chance that the switch has two radio wires, move one to the top and the other aside. In the event that the switch doesn't have reception apparatuses, stay with them as the has planned them to be.

Try not to keep the switch near individuals

Water opposes Wi-Fi flags and is generally water in people, so Wi-Fi signals don't function admirably in surge and are scattered by human bodies.


Jason has additionally made an Android application, where you can transfer your home floor plan and perceive how the electromagnetic waves will spread in the house.

You likewise should be a little mathematician to utilize this application and this application isn't free. On the off chance that you are a mathematician somewhat and can spend Rs 105, download this application from here.