Best Place For WI-FI Router To Get Fast Internet Speed

Best Place For WI-FI Router To Get Fast Internet Speed

You may have noticed that the speed of Wi-Fi internet at home is sometimes fast and sometimes very slow. In addition to using the other device's Wi-Fi network, this is also due to the Wi-Fi router not being in the right place.

Jason Cole is a Ph.D. student at Imperial College London. Jason uses math to figure out the best place to have a router.

Jason solved the Helmholtz equation for this, this equation is used for mapping the electromagnetic field. Our routers also emit electromagnets.

According to Jason, placing the Internet router in an invisible place also affects the speed of the Internet.

Jason also gave some tips on how to keep the router in the right place to improve internet speed.

Here are some tips to help you get the best out of Jason, according to Jason.

  • Keep the router in the center

We try to place the router in a corner of the house so that the wiring problem can be solved easily. Keep the router in the center, according to Jason. If possible, keep the router out of your sight.

Avoid placing metal objects around the router. Metal objects disperse and dissipate electromagnetic waves. So don't keep the router in the kitchen at all.

  • Concrete and walls are also enemies

Concrete and walls absorb electromagnets. According to Jason, space near the floor or ceiling is better for transmitting signals than walls.

  • Do not place the router with microwaves

If the router is placed with a microwave and you're a little hot, the Wi-Fi signal will disappear in an instant.

This is because microwaves use the same frequency as routers. Microwaves, even if they do not completely eliminate the signal of the router, still scatter to a large extent.

  • Keep the router high

The radio waves emitted from the router go down from their emission point. Placing the router on a high place will speed up the internet.

  • Place the antenna on top

Place the router's antenna on top for better internet access. If the router has two antennas, move one to the top and the other to the side. If the router does not have antennas, keep them as the company has designed them to be.

  • Do not keep the router close to people

Water resists Wi-Fi signals and is mostly water in humans, so Wi-Fi signals do not work well in rush and are dispersed by human bodies.

  • Application

Jason has also created an Android application, in which you can upload your home floor plan and see how the electromagnetic waves will spread in the house. 

You also need to be a little mathematician to use this application and this application is not free. If you are a mathematician to some extent and can spend Rs 105, download this application from here.

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