The Google Translate translator in live mode 2020

The Google Translate translator in live mode 2020

When we talk about the translation of Google, we can in no way neglect its online translator Google Translate which makes life easier for almost everyone, students, tourists, researchers ... etc and the web giant deploys every day its knowledge to improve the service and make it more and more powerful, correct, and more natural.

Lately and among the efforts of the firm in the field of translation (translator Google Translate), Google is launching a new translation tool presented under the name Translatotron (I don't know where it comes from this name, may be related to electrons or neurons! in short, what is certain is that it has nothing to do with Transformers the science fiction film).

With Translatotron you will be able to translate the voice of one language directly into another language without going through the written transcription thanks to a fairly developed algorithm and an artificial intelligence endowed with machine learning in order to make this translation direct.

 more natural, that is to say, our Translatotron will also analyze the voice of the source speaker and will then try to imitate it in its live translation.

Below is a diagram that explains how the Traslatotron works:

The Google Translate translator in live mode 2020

The tool is under development and improvements in Google's labs (see the publication on the Google AI blog) in its initial phase and we hope to see this translator soon in the form of a mobile application within easy reach of everyone capable of translating people's voices in real-time!