How To Play Aamazon Music On All Alexa Devices For Free

How To Play Aamazon Music On All Alexa Devices For Free

It is completely legal in almost all countries to listen to music in streaming via a paid service or a subscription with suppliers like Deezer, Spotify, Youtube Music, or Amazon.

The list of applications and streaming services is very long but the important thing is that most of them also offer a free offer against advertising or for limited use in a number of listening minutes or in terms of features.

Amazon therefore also offers a free offer of its music streaming service for its users, an offer that was born in the United States first then the rest of the world, and France is among the rest of the countries of the world.

And thanks to this free service, all users who are not subscribed to Prime or Amazon Music Unlimited can enjoy music and playlists as well as radio stations, but all against sequences of advertisements and clippings.

And for those who have an Amazon Echo device, it's time to take advantage of it and experience all the possibilities of its Alexa assistant which will execute all your requests with great pleasure 😉

Among the many ways and voice commands to ask Alexa to play music or a song on your Echo device, here are a few examples to get you started:

1. Alexa, play Soprano.
2. Alexa, play soft music.
3. Alexa, play French rap.
4. Alexa, play 80s music.
5. Alexa, play the playlist “playlist name“.
6. Alexa, play music similar to Damso.

Want to go further ? Try Amazon Music Unlimited for free for 3 months and get unlimited access to 60 million songs without ads.