How To Download a Video From Reddit With Audio Online

How To Download a Video From Reddit With Audio Online

Reddit and like all other social networks offer content shared by millions and millions of users, posts in the form of text, links, photos, and videos. As for the photos, we already know how to download them with the context menu of the mouse and with a simple Save image as.

But for Reddit videos, how do I download them? As there are online converters of PDF files to JPG files and converters of a .wav audio file to mp3 format, there are online services and sites that allow you to download videos from platforms like TikTok. Not only online sites but also applications such as AnyTrans that we have already presented.

For the Reddit social network, and to download the videos shared on the latter to your PC desktop or even to a device with an Android operating system, there is a new site that we have just discovered. This is the Reddit Video Downloader site and as its name clearly indicates, it is a Video downloader dedicated to videos from the Reddit platform, it is simple, quick, and easy to use.

How To Download a Video From Reddit With Audio Online

Go to Reddit Video Downloader, then in the field: Reddit Post URL of the home page, paste the link which leads to the Reddit publication containing video and validate by clicking on the red arrow button.

All you have to do is click on the Download button on the next page and if this opens the video in a new window for playback, simply right-click on it and select the Save as an option from the contextual menu.

It is not very complicated and the video will be downloaded in mp4 format.