Difference Between A 5400 RPM And 7200 RPM Hard Drive

Difference Between A 5400 RPM And 7200 RPM Hard Drive

If you are looking for a hard drive for your computer, surely you have crossed in its technical sheet one of the two concepts 5400 RPM and 7200 RPM. What is RPM? What is the difference? And what is the best hard drive?

A hard disk is made up of several discs or platters which rotate per minute anticlockwise, they rotate with a precise speed according to the model of the latter and its manufacturer.

This speed in computing is called the rotation speed of a hard disk (RPM: Rotation Per Minute and in French rotation per minute). The abbreviation RPM is therefore used to designate the speed of a hard disk, speeds that start from 5400 RPM, 7500 RPM, 10,000 RPM, 15,000 RPM, and so on.

What is the main difference between a 5400 RPM and 7200 RPM hard drive?

The higher the speed, the better the hard drive, but that does not mean that hard drives running at a slower speed (5400 RPM) are not efficient and should be ignored, they also have advantages and for example, they make less noise during data transfer and consume a little less energy than the others, and this is why they are found in configurations intended for energy saving like on Laptops.

When it comes to hard drives that have an RPM of 7200 or higher or to use the terms correctly, hard drives that make 7200 revolutions per minute, therefore, offer faster file read and write speed and therefore they are better suited for large file transfers as well as faster execution of resource-intensive operating systems and programs. 

And speed means energy consumption, heat regeneration, and noise, which can impact their lifespan, which may turn out to be shorter than 5400 RPM discs.

There you go, I think you've got it all figured out, if you're really looking for performance on a hard drive, consider buying hard drives at 7200 rpm or more but if you're just looking for a hard drive to transfer and store files silently and without consuming too much energy, 5400 RPM hard drives are ideal for you.
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