YouTube Short | What Is The Only Good News For YouTuber?

What is YouTube short | How to share short stories on YouTube Short | Good news for YouTuber

What is YouTube short | How to share short stories on YouTube Short | very bad bad news for TikToker

YouTube Shorts You may not have heard this name before, but after a while, it will be the same name on your tung. As you all know, YouTube is an excellent video marketing platform, in which we upload and market our videos.

Or we expanded our Subscribers even more. There is nothing like it. But it was reported that YouTube had to launch a new app or maybe add a new feature inside YouTube called YouTube shorts. Watch video YouTube Shorts.

About TikTok on pc:

 Today, I will tell you about it. You must have heard about TikTok. If I could tell you some facts about it, you would be very surprised to hear there have been about 800 million TikTok users in the last two years. And all over the world. Now you can understand that they are a very large number. It has over 800 million active users worldwide, and in 2019, TikTok was an application that was the most downloaded Application within the Play Store and App Store. 

TikTok has come in at number one, and you should also know that monetization is not enabled as it is on YouTube. If you want to create an account on TikTok, you will be free from there and if I am not mistaken you will not get sponsors from there. You won't benefit as much unless you have a million followers. And TikTok organizes events like the other. 

As soon as you have one million followers, TikTok invites you and from there you get ads and sponsors. Although monetization is not an enabler, it has more than 800 million active users. This is quite a point about TikTok, And if you look at all the effects that YouTube has had on it, it turns out that it will have an impact snap-on YouTube.

 So YouTube has decided that it will launch its new app, or maybe you just have a YouTube app and add a feature to it, it will come to know in the future, called YouTube Shots. Read in more detail on YouTube shorts.

About YouTube Shorts Channel:

And it will be just like a TikTok application in which you can make your video between 50 minutes to 60 seconds. Time can be upped and down. I can't tell you the same thing, and I've found all this after a little searching, so, I'm telling you that if YouTube works that way, I assure you that in the future In the meantime, many TikTok users use YouTube Shorts. 

And they will come to YouTube because there is no money made inside TikTok. And you all know that YouTube has monetization, but there are still some points that will clear up in the future. As you all know, YouTube account monetization requires 4000 hours of watch time and 1,000 subscribers. This is the policy of YouTube Monetization.

 Will, there be such a situation around YouTube Short or will your monetization be turned on as the video is played? These things will be known in the future. 

 As we include songs, dialogues, and Movie Aid in TikTok, there is no copyright. Will doing all this work inside the shorts cause copyright? Or YouTube Shorts will have its own library, which has millions of songs and videos, can we use them, I think you can use them and you will not get the copyright, and it will benefit you too.

 Because YouTube will definitely keep that in mind. The way TikTok works is in addition to movie dialogues, and movie songs, and more, that's why it's so popular, so, you might find all these things inside YouTube Shorts. If there is no copyright inside, your monetization will be turned on, and you will get the most out of it. I was thinking of starting to make videos on TikTok and create my account. 

But as soon as I found out about the shorts, I thought there was no point in working on the TikTok. because it does not make any money. If you find a condition in the Shorts that is within YouTube, we will certainly fulfill it. And secondly, can you use the YouTube account email ID for YouTube Shorts? All these points will be cleared up in the future.


 But this is so good Good news, that you can use YouTube shorts instead of ticking. If you're already thinking of doing something inside TikTok, wait a while, because the way video platforms are becoming more and more available suggests that other companies will do the same in the future. And maybe all of them are better.