Best Free Photo Editing Software For Windows PC 2020 In 2020

Best Free Photo Editing Software For Windows PC 2020 In 2020

Enhance your photos in a few clicks by reworking them with the best free photo editing software for Windows pc, macOS, and Linux.

Improving the rendering of your photos, touching up a defect in a portrait, or even cropping an image are common operations that you may have to perform on your computer. To get there, good news, you don't necessarily need to invest in professional photo editing software like Photoshop.

There are indeed many free tools integrating all the necessary functions that will allow the greatest number of people to retouch their photos. After having tested several, the editorial team has selected the best free photo editing software for beginners.

1. GIMP:

Best Free Photo Editing Software For Windows PC 2020 In 2020

GIMP is undoubtedly the best-known editing software by liberalists. This open-source utility is available on Windows as well as on macOS and Linux. It will allow you to edit photos as well as to engage in graphic creations. 

The program uses an interface similar to professional software like Adobe Photoshop and allows you to work on an image using a layering system allowing you to superimpose the modifications without altering the original image.

Offering a very large number of tools, GIMP is aimed at an advanced audience. However, it is possible to learn to master the main functions of the program thanks to the many tutorials published directly on the official website.

GIMP integrates classic editing tools (cropping, color balance, saturation, etc.) but also offers to use more advanced retouching tools such as the corrector tool or the cloning tool which will allow you, for example, to remove annoying elements from an image, or fix an unsightly button on a portrait.

The photos modified in GIMP can be saved as a working file which can be reopened later in the software to continue editing but can also be exported in image format to your PC.

Download Gimp Here:

2. PhotoFiltre 7:

Developed around the core of PhotoFiltre Studio, PhotoFiltre 7 includes all the essential functions of the software for retouching your images. Available only on Windows, it benefits from a simple interface to tame, the tools it provides are simple enough to allow you to apply basic adjustments to your images: brightness, contrast, saturation and color balance can be changed in a few clicks.

PhotoFiltre 7 also offers a number of predefined filters whose parameters can be fine-tuned very easily. You can, for example, blur very easily an area you want to hide, but also pass your pictures in black and white or sepia, or even apply an artistic filter radically transforming the rendering of the image.

Basic editing tools are also present, such as the cloning buffer which can be used to correct certain image defects. PhotoFiltre 7 also uses a layering system which will be useful for adding changes over the original image, without damaging it.

Download PhotoFiltre 7 Here:

3. Adobe Photoshop Express Editor:

In general, when it comes to photo editing, Photoshop, Adobe’s software, is the first name that comes to mind. The photo-editing application, reserved for professionals and experienced users, is now available with a monthly subscription billed at 23.99 euros, an amount that not everyone is ready to put into software used occasionally.

Not many people know, but Adobe also offers a free, light version of its photo editing tool. To work, however, it requires the prior installation of the Flash Player module in your browser.

The Photoshop Express Editor interface is much simpler and more accessible than that of the original tool. The left column groups the different editing tools, while the main pane allows you to view your edits in real-time, cancel or reapply them, reset your image, or view yours before/after photo.

The editing tools, as basic as they are, should be more than enough for laymen: cropping, rotation, automatic correction, exposure management, red-eye correction for portraits, adjusting the brightness or white balance, deleting unwanted items (Touchup function) ... the essential tools for photo editing are present. 

Download Adobe Photoshop Express Editor Here

4. Darktable:

Lightroom's open-source competitor, Darktable is a photo manager that will allow you to catalog your images, but also to develop your RAW files. The Darktable interface provides access to a light table from where you can view your images in a catalog, as well as to a dark room where you can develop your RAW files and edit your photos.

The software offers you everything, which you need to improve the rendering of your images. You can manage the contrast, brightness, and saturation parameters, but also adjust the shadows and highlights or act on the basic curve. The utility will also allow you to crop and rotate your shots, refine their orientation, or even play on the exposure of your image.

Darktable also includes a module to display your thumbnails on a world map or to generate a slideshow of the most beautiful images in your catalog.

Download Darktable Here

5. Paint.NET:

Available only on Windows, Paint.NET is a rather intuitive image editing software. Its interface is close to standards and allows easy access to all of the editing tools. 

All the essential functions for basic editing are present, starting with the cloning buffer which will be useful for removing in a few clicks unwanted elements on your photos and portraits, or even the selection tool, essential to crop an image or crop it.

The image adjustment settings (curves, brightness, levels, etc.) are grouped in the dedicated menu and can be modified individually, or automatically for users who are less comfortable. Paint.NET indeed offers several predefined settings capable of adjusting the levels automatically.

As with PhotoFiltre, Paint.NET offers to use layers to work on your images. Several effects can also be applied to your images to modify the overall rendering. You can, for example, transform a landscape into an ink, pencil, or even oil painting sketch.
Download Paint.NET Here

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