Best New 9 Features Of WhatsApp in 2020

Best New 9 Features Of WhatsApp in 2020

WhatsApp users have grown since Facebook took over. There are currently more than 900 million monthly active users of WhatsApp (details on this page)

WhatsApp features because of the growing number of users. The free Wits app is a blessing for users with limited data bundles. Although the WhatsApp is a simple application, its many features do not go beyond the eyes of many users.

Below are 9 features of the WhatsApp that are not known to all users. Users will find the WhatsApp more useful by learning about these features.

No.1 number of messages exchanged

 How many messages did you exchange with your friends?
To find out how many messages you've exchanged with your friends, go to Settings in the WhatsApp then Accounts and then Network Usage.

You should have a number written in front of all your friends. This is actually the number of messages exchanged between you and your friends. Clicking on it can also determine who sent how many messages.

No.2 Mute group chat

Group notifications increase the blood pressure of a large group of users, especially users. Group chat notifications can be muted.
To do this, go to the group to silence. Tap on the name of the group and select Mute. The notification can then be Muted for 8 hours, 1 week or 1 year.

No.3 Disable the last visible view 

Last Seen's feature is disabled when you don't want your friends to be able to visit your WhatsApp time.

Go to Settings to disable this feature, then Account, then Privacy and then Last Seen. Here you can choose who can know your Last Seen. This feature can be disabled from here but be careful, after disabling the feature you will not be able to see the last Seen of your friends.

No.4 Change the WhatsApp number

Change the WhatsApp number when you change the phone
If you've changed your number, you can easily change your WhatsApp number.

Go to Settings for this. Then go to Accounts then Change Number and follow the instructions.

No.5 Create group chat notifications of choice

Mute group chat does not provide users with notifications, while custom notifications can be created for each group separately. Tap on a group name like Mute and select Custom Notifications.
Separate notifications can be used to select different voices for all groups.

No.6  Prevent images from being saved in the Camera Roll

Storage is quite expensive for phones with low storage, but photos of the WhatsApp can capture that storage. To prevent the WhatsApp from capturing storage, go to Apple's Settings then Privacy and then Photos.

Then uncheck the WhatsApp. Now WhatsApp will not save images to the Camera Roll. Pictures will still be downloaded.

No.7 When was your message read?

To find out, select the message and drag it to the left. This will give him time to send and read.
In the group chat, you will also know who sent the message and who read it.

One thing to keep in mind, if you set the setting so that a friend can not find the time to read your message, you will not be able to know when others read your message because of this setting.

No. 8 Close Read Receipts

Nowadays reading and responding to the messages of others gives rise to a bad impression about you. However, with a feature of WhatsApp, your friend will not be able to know whether you have read the message or not. This requires closing Read Receipts.

Go to settings first. Then switch off Accounts and then Privacy then Read Receipts. This will not make your friends know that you are ignoring them.

No. 9 Use the WhatsApp app, on the web 

The WhatsApp can also be accessed from the website

This feature is available in most major browsers. To use this feature, visit the website and scan the QR code on the website with the help of WhatsApp, after which you can log in to the web and start a new conversation. , End the conversation and use all the features that are used with the help of the application.
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