Huawei Y5 2019 2GB/16GB Specifications And Full Review

Huawei Y5 2019 Specs And Full Review

The smartphone came to revolutionize the world of communication a few years ago. Not only does it allow access to various internet pages via its integrated browser, but it also allows you to communicate with loved ones from one end of the world to the other, in several ways (audio, video, videoconference, etc.).

 It would be a great loss to live today without enjoying such a technological gem. 

However, you should always be careful to choose yours by focusing on features such as power, durability, usability, and storage. Huawei Y5 2019 is undoubtedly one of the most popular models in commercial spaces. 

In this article, you will then have all the details and Huawei Y5 reviews related to its design. Thus, at the end of this argument, you will be able to determine if it is reliable enough in your eyes or not.

  • Good connectivity

Huawei Y5 2019 Specs And Full Review

There would be no point in having a smartphone if the smartphone cannot connect to a laptop, printer, or another device. It’s an informed donation that the manufacturer of this smartphone has provided several means of connection.

 For example, the Y5 2019 has a USB port that serves as an input for the charging cable. But that’s not its only function. It also has Bluetooth technology with which you can easily share files with other wireless devices.

Having good connectivity means for a smartphone that it is open to communication with other devices. On this point, know that you will have nothing wrong with this cell phone. In addition, Huwaei Y5 2019 has an extra sensitive wifi sensor.

 This means that with telephone communication gadget, you can connect to a wireless network and surf at will. It’s a real boon for web lovers.

  • Optimized screen

Huawei Y5 2019 Specs And Full Review

From a certain point of view, we can say that the screen is the flagship point of a smartphone. If it is of poor quality, it is the entire smartphone that is questioned, hence the importance of designing it with great care. 

By analyzing that of Huawei Y5 2019, we note with satisfaction that it is of very good quality.

 This is a 5.71 inch Huawei Dewdrop screen. As is clearly visible, the designer was able to occupy a good part of the front of the smartphone with this screen. This means that it does not have a large margin, but its borders are rather thin.

Besides its interesting contours, this screen also offers HD + resolution. This is very well thought out since you will be able to watch your videos or films without hurting your eyes. The colors came out with impressive clarity and the brightness is simply perfect.

 Admittedly, it's still adjustable like with all smartphones, but the default brightness level won't be a problem for you, even if you have some eye problems. 

Be aware that even in full sun, you will not have much trouble reading this screen, since it has also been worked for very good visibility under the sun's rays.

  • State of the art camera

Huawei Y5 2019 Specs And Full Review

Do you like photos and selfies? If so, you will be very happy to be able to use it as a smartphone. In reality, it has a 13 MP rear camera and a 5 MP front camera. These are details that say a lot, especially since you may have to take photos in various circumstances. 

The precision of these photosensors will not leave you at the end of your surprises.

 In very bright or poorly lit places, you only need to set the cameras in night or day mode to have a visual rendering that meets your expectations. In addition, the photosystem of this smartphone offers sophisticated settings such as the timer, flash, and automatic shutter. 

All these advantages are effective both in photo mode and in video mode.

  • Magnificent design

Huawei Y5 2019 Specs And Full Review

We no longer need to elaborate on this point, since everything is visible. The Huawei Y5 2019 offers an impressive splendor with its molded and amber hull. This midnight black color gadget has a really appreciable aesthetic. 

This means that the designer, in addition to optimizing the performance of this device, has not put aside its visual appeal. 

Knowing that the choice of a product depends largely on its visual appearance, Huawei has put the package with the latter has a very eye-catching design. Its hull is not very crowded and yet it is very beautiful. This obviously confirms that the most beautiful things are the simplest.

That said, if you want to have a smartphone that satisfies you both in form and inform, you have probably already found it.

  • Medium and expandable storage space

Huawei Y5 2019 Specs And Full Review

The Huawei Y5 is much more than a smartphone. It can be your library because of its large storage space. Concretely, you benefit from 16 GB from the acquisition of this smartphone. It is generally said that storage space is practical or not depending on the use that is made of it. 

Therefore, do not think that you will not be able to store much in this device, because it is quite the opposite. 

It easily stores films, documents, e-mails, videos, photos ... Basically, its storage space gives you a great possibility of exploitation, whatever the nature of your files. Also, this phone has a RAM of 2 GB which is not to be overlooked. 

This means you won't have any slowdowns or bugs during use since its RAM is large enough to keep a fairly high data flow.

  • Dual SIM port

Huawei Y5 2019 Specs And Full Review

Is it an advantage for a smartphone to have a dual SIM port? Of course! Today, the competition which exists in the field of telecommunications pushes the actors of this sector to multiply the offers and fixed prices to attract more customers. 

So, users want to make the most of this situation by opting for several communication chips. The Y5 is, therefore, a smartphone that easily meets this need, especially since it is unlocked 4G.

What's also remarkable is that despite this dual port, no network interference is observed when you make calls or send messages. Its system is configured so that you can specify a chip for calls and messages and another only for surfing the internet. This, therefore, leaves you with more possibilities not only in choosing your mobile operators but also in the reasonable use of your SIM.

  • Authentic design

Huawei Y5 2019 Specs And Full Review

It is common to find copies of products in merchant spaces. For example, if you like a phone from a well-known brand but don't have enough money to buy it, chances are you can find its copy. Admittedly, the latter is often sold at a lower price but does not offer the same features or the same benefits.

 Rest assured, because the Huawei Y5 you have in front of you at this moment is not a copy. 

However, it is an authentic device from Huawei workshops. You can confirm it by the precision of its curves, the affixing of the mark on the front panel as well as the ultra-fine pixelation of its screen.

 Even its good photo resolution proves that this camera is of very good quality and is strongly imbued with the know-how of the brand itself.

  • Long-lasting autonomy

Huawei Y5 2019 Specs And Full Review

Just when you want to respond to an important message, your phone turns off for a lack of power. It has certainly happened to you. It is true that there is no phone that never drains. However, the Y5 offers long-term autonomy that you will undoubtedly appreciate. 

In fact, Huawei has equipped it with a 3020 mAh battery. This powerful Lithium-polymer type battery is durable and resistant. So, you will not see the battery level of this smartphone tumble at high speed.

 In short, this is the device you need if you are hyperactive on social networks for example.

Is the Huawei Y5 smartphone recommended?

Without detour! It is not a mobile phone that deceives by its appearance, but this Huawei smartphone really offers interesting performance. First, it has an elegant design that raises its rib and immediately catches the eye.

 No matter what your social position is, this phone will enhance you in the eyes of those around you. In addition, it is equipped with a large screen specially designed with a high visual resolution to boost its display. 
Also, note that the Y5 is easy to handle since its Android-style navigation interface looks like most smartphones using this operating system. Its connectivity is not to be outdone, because this gadget offers several possibilities to connect it with other peripherals via wired or wireless methods. 

Its selling price is a little high certainly, but its multiple advantages take precedence in everything.


We would have liked to tell you that this smartphone has no limit, but its purchase price is one. Besides, this is its only drawback. Indeed, you have to have a sufficient financial purse to hope to acquire this Huawei smartphone.

 It is true that it is not the most expensive mobile phone, but given its appreciable characteristics, one expected at least that even the small social class could be able to appropriate it. 

Unfortunately, it is not the case. We know the Huawei brand as being open to the general public. But as far as the Y5 is concerned, this manufacturer has clearly targeted a specific social class

Note: however that the high price of this smartphone does not change the height of its performance. Check The Price Here.

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