How To Delete All Documents And Data Permanently

How To Delete All Documents And Data Permanently

When a file is deleted from your phone or computer, it is not completely deleted from the hard disk. Rather, many operating systems, including Windows, mark the data as being deleted instead of deleting it to save time. This marked space is also considered empty. The operating system also uses this space to store data when needed.

But since the data mark is not deleted, this data can be easily accessed with the software tools available. This is acceptable under normal circumstances, but if the data is of a very sensitive nature, it must be deleted completely, otherwise, it can be manipulated. This is often the case with the collection of private photos and videos of people on the Internet.

So in this article, we will talk about some tools that completely erase any data. Fortunately, these tools are available free of charge and can be easily downloaded from the Internet.


The highlight of this software is that it connects to Windows Explorer and its options are added to the right-click menu.
That way, when deleting a file or folder, right-click it and then click on the Erase or Erase on restart option under Erase. If the Erase option is selected, the software will try to delete the data immediately, but it does not succeed every time. This software cannot delete certain files used by Windows.

In this case, select the Erase on restart option so that the software deletes the data the next time the computer restarts.
Eraser is compatible with all versions of Windows and is used by millions of people. Since it is open-source, it has also been used in much other software.

CC cleaner:

Another way to completely delete data from hard disk is pretty simple.

The first thing to do is simply delete the data/files and empty the recycle bin as well. You will then need a CC cleaner.
One of the tools in CC Cleaner is called Drive Wiper. It completely deletes existing data on harddisk by the tool that has been marked as deleted.

CC Cleaner and Eraser both use the same procedure, namely repeatedly writing different (and useless) data to the marked space. That way the original data becomes unrecognizable.

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